ANNA ZOITKE - Wieviel Liebe kannst du tragen?

Anna Zoitke - Wieviel Liebe kannst du tragen?

10 songs
33:10 minutes
***** *
Red Can


Anna Zoitke is not a female artist, but a German indie pop band with a strong sentimental touch. The five guys from Munich perform on their debut Wieviel Liebe kannst du tragen? some rather interesting songs, but there are also weaker moments that should have kept off the album.

The opener Entkommen is a slower indie pop song that sounds like a ballad from Tocotronic or Kettcar. Even if this is a rather promising start, the next couple of songs are not able to keep that level. Es gibt noch mehr is kinda cheesy, and Licht der Zeit would be the perfect soundtrack for a coffee commercial. I definitely prefer the pop and electro side of Anna Zoitke as on Komm bleib stehen which feels like Die Sterne being fronted by Jens Friebe. What I don’t understand is why a band that can write cool pop hymns like the slightly punkish Microphon and the more electronic, but noisy Pferd oder wastes its talent on boring, mellow and superfluous songs. This surely is making for more diversity, but if that means lesser quality, I prefer to listen only to songs going more or less into the same direction. The record ends with the great Ich glaub ich muss jetzt, strongly influenced by But Alive.

Cynics may claim that Anna Zoitke play the perfect music for students of German philology. Their lyrics are playing an important part and deal about matters of the heart. Even the band name is taken from a person appearing in a dada poem by Kurt Schwitters.

It seems that Anna Zoitke haven’t decided between dynamic pop rock and mellower pop ballads. It would me an obvious choice for me. As there is enough talent behind Anna Zoitke, I hope that their next release will become a more dynamic matter.

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