ANOTHER KIND OF DEATH - Sleepless Every Night

Another Kind Of Death - Sleepless Every Night

10 songs
27:58 minutes
***** ***


The first time I heard Another Kind Of Death was on the Waterloo compilation where four bands from Madrid (AKOD, Moho, Moksha, Adrift) showed how dynamic the current Spanish metal scene is. Their three tracks showed that it still is possible to play interesting metalcore.

Sleepless Every Night is the second AKOD CD and fulfils the expectations I had after the compilation tracks. Their big potential strikes you already on the opener The Road, a killer track with metalcore basics and a strong Neurosis touch. The following Venganza is just as intense, but full of controlled chaos reminding me of Misery Signals and Heavy Heavy Low Low. The album is so diverse that it is impossible to find a simple description for the music. The only thing they have in common is their powerful rocking attitude. Some tracks are more psychotic, others sound more like hardcore and screamo, and there’s even the doomy instrumental And I Chose You From Dead.

Everyone who loves bands like Neurosis, Converge, Zao, etc. will probably like this short AKOD experience. Even analogies to Luxembourgish bands dEFDUMp and Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep? can be made out. Sleepless Every Night isn’t very long which may be an advantage. As the band always and immediately comes to the point, there’s no room for boring and superfluous moments. This is a fine example that shows how an extreme album has to sound like.

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