ANOTHER MOON & SICK SAD WORLD - Ruins Of A Forgotten World

Another Moon & Sick Sad World - Ruins Of A Forgotten World

6 songs
44:45 minutes
***** ***

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Two young band from France decided to team up on this split-album to offer their audiences three quarters of an hour of modern rock music. Both haven’t released a longplayer yet, although Another Moon from Cannes did already two freely downloadable EPs. Not a band as such, but the solo project by one man, we get competent post rock that is not denying its fondness of the post metal genre. His contributions start with the excellent twelve minute long There Will Be No Sunshine Anymore that certainly doesn’t sound like the work of a single brain. Nice effects help to keep this epic opener suspenseful. On the second piece, Ruins Of A Forgotten World, he borrows the vocalist of Sick Sad World, and all of a sudden the music veers into a much darker direction, not unlike My Dying Bride. Another long instrumental, The End Of All Things, concludes this first half of the album.

Next up are Sick Sad World, a band from Nantes consisting of real musicians, heads into quite a different direction, which may be due to the presence of a vocalist. Combining all things post core, post metal and post rock, they come up with a very contemporary sounding brew which makes it hard to pin them down to a single genre, but the overall result still sounds homogenous enough to make it an appealing ride.

Once again France has shown that it has a really exciting underground scene hiding under all the polished crap that they show on their weekend night TV shows. Fans of modern rock/metal will be delighter, and even though Another Moon’s part is six minutes longer, fans of music with lyrics should not be disappointed as Sick Sad World’s vocalist is helping out on one of Another Moon’s tracks, making this CD eventually a very balanced affair for both artists involved.

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