ANUBIS GATE - Andromeda Unchained

Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained

15 songs
70:19 minutes
***** **


A look at the song titles betrays the Danish band’s interest in science fiction. Considering that most heavy metal bands are stuck in AD&D tinged fantasy themes, it’s quite charming that Anubis Gate offer a musical vision of a space opera on their third album Andromeda Unchained. Unfortunately my promo didn’t come with a lyrics sheet, because the band seem to have put a lot of ideas into the concept. From a musical point of view, Anubis Gate are a melodic power prog band who move most of the time between fast and mid-tempo material. Although most of the songs have normal lengths, the band shows off their epic side on the ten minute long The End Of Millennium Road, which suits them rather well. The remaining material would have taken advantage from a more daring approach. Too often, taken out of context, Anubis Gate’s songs are just that: songs, and don’t feel like a part of a bigger whole. They must have had Queensr˙che’s Operation: Mindcrime in mind when they wrote Andromeda Unchained, but Anubis Gate still lack the vision to make their album a milestone among heavy metal concept albums.

This should not mean that Andromeda Unchained is a bad album, it could just have been so much more. As a melodic metal album, it stands out as an above average effort that is maybe a little bit too long for its own good, but should have no problem to please its clientele. If Anubis Gate put as much effort into conceptual songwriting as they did into their science fiction story, they might shoot to the very top of the European prog metal scene.

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