ANVIL - Back To Basics

Anvil - Back To Basics

10 songs
43:16 minutes
***** ***


If I had to establish a list of classic metal acts, Anvil would definitely be mentioned. This Canadian band has been around for more than 25 years and Back To Basics is their meanwhile 16th album. Maybe it refers to be production because this one is sounding not very fat, but metal albums used to be produced like that in the golden metal eighties. Uncompromisingly Anvil play metal for metal as you would expect from Lips & Co. The opener Fuel For The Fire is a typical kick ass starter which is a pure invitation for headbanging. The album contains a lot of eighties metal, but Anvil are less heavy than on their two preceding albums Plenty Of Power and Still Going Strong. A positive change is that there are more rock'n'rollish songs like You Get What You Pay For or Can't Catch Me. Less convincing however are the more mid tempo songs. Even if Song Of Pain is quite ok, Cruel World can be considered as one of the most weak Anvil tracks. Nevertheless, Back To Basics may be recommended to metalheads, especially the limited version of the CD which contains as a bonus a DVD with the entire Anvil gig of the 1998 Wacken Open Air.

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