A PERFECT MURDER - War Of Aggression

A Perfect Murder - War Of Aggression

10 songs
36:32 minutes
***** **


A Perfect Murder from Quebec are back with their new album War Of Aggression, and only weeks after the release, the band decided to break up and continue under the name Modern Crimes. I don’t know how happy that decision has made their label, as A Perfect Murder built some true credentials in the metalcore universe over the last few years. Two years after their last album Strength Through Vengeance, the French Canadians are back with ten more grenades of their typical groove thrash hardcore metal sound that this time around often reminds of the late Pantera.

War Of Aggression is excellently produced, the songs are deftly punching you in the face, and apart from the ballad Fortunate Son, later on in the album, there’s hardly room for a break. This makes War Of Aggression a solid modern metalcore album that emphasises on the metal aspect. With no blackouts but also no true highlights, we are in the presence of a CD that aims at a wide variety of metal fans, but eventually lacks the spice to make it stand out of the mass. Consider it a nice farewell gift to their fans and let’s hope that the band members will soon be back as Modern Crimes.

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