Archetype - Dawning

13 songs
82:00 minutes
***** **
Limb Music


On the musical map of the world, Ohio stands out as a true breeding ground for high quality indie rock (Guided By Voices, Pere Ubu, Brainiac, just to name a few). It is no surprise that Archetype, a power metal band from that same region, needed a lot of patience to see its debut album finally and properly released by a label. And what kind of album this is. Already in its original version, it was more than an hour long, but now with some new songs plus two bonus tracks from the band's first demo-CD, the album clocks in at something more than 82 minutes, something I thought was physically impossible for the medium CD.

Although this is all set in the middle of the triangle of melodic, progressive and power metal, Archetype never sound like a European metal band, but guarantee their American roots, sounding like a slightly more progressive and open-minded Iced Earth. The vocals are charismatic / operatic / dramatic, like we are used from that genre, but the instrumental indulgence makes this a rather pleasing experience, with musicians who not only know how to play their instruments, but also thrive on showing it off.

In the end it sounds as if Archetype try to combine very early Eighties metal influences (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) with the more contemporary power metal sound, succeeding better than most bands in the genre, but suffering eventually from the exaggerated length of the CD. Dawning is still an album I can recommend to every fan of technical supreme metal.

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