THE ARGENT DAWN - A Blank Eternity

The Argent Dawn - A Blank Eternity

10 songs
33:25 minutes


English band The Argent Dawn seems to consist of five avid videogame addicts, considering that their name is borrowed from World Of Warcraft. The “war” part makes sense, as A Blank Eternity offers raw and uncompromising death metal that definitely takes no prisoners.

This is partly quite entertaining, because the unpolished guitar sound and the mighty drums make for some very listenable moments. The pace switches between fast and sludgy without ever losing any brutality. Even the classic growl vocals fit the extreme music which mostly resides in the lower registers.

Yet the problem remains with the album not procuring any new accents. At first it’s fun to hear a song that sounds as if the instruments are thrown down a staircase, but after a while listening becomes tedious, even on such a short record. The only standout track is World Of Hate where the band surprises with truly playful instrumentation. Unfortunately this enlightened attitude is rarely repeated.

All in all it must be said that The Argent Dawn still have a long road ahead of them. Their intentions are noble, but they eventually are only acting quite averagely and are therefore still dwelling in the shadows of established acts like Job For A Cowboy or Lamb Of God who do this thing much better. We can only hope that the guys will work hard to improve in the future.

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