ARISE AND RUIN - The Final Dawn

Arise And Ruin - The Final Dawn

10 songs
30:46 minutes
***** *


The curse of those who came too late… Arise And Ruin, a young band from the Canadian province of Ontario deliver a really able effort with their debut album The Final Dawn, but its short half hour still only manages to entertain mildly. Rooted in thrash and death metal, with influences ranging from Slayer over Sepultura to At The Gates, you can’t accuse Arise And Ruin of sounding like metalcore band doing anything to become popular, but their brand of thrash metalcore doesn’t add anything new to the genre.

Backed by a fat production, the five-piece is hammering their way through ten songs that are never running longer than four minutes, and as evil as they sound, they still claim to be fun people in their private lives… which gives them sympathy points in a scene where everybody tries to be tougher than everybody else. The guitar riffs are razor-sharp, the rhythm section provides the necessary backbone, and the singer sounds like shouting his vocal chords out of this throat. All in all, it’s nice enough, and also rather respectable for a first CD, but the lack of originality and the too short running time for a full-length record (considering that most similar album are normally ten minutes longer) leave me eventually with a good but slightly flawed impression, although I remain that there is definitive potential to this band. If they manage to differentiate their sound in the future and offer a little more value for the money, then they are certain to climb the ladder of metallic success.

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