ARMAGEDON - Death Then Nothing

Armagedon - Death Then Nothing

10 songs
32:29 minutes
***** **


Back in the early Nineties, Armagedon were next to Vader among the poster children of Polish death metal. The band split up in 1995, and it took them fifteen years to finally make a comeback with their new and second longplayer Death Then Nothing.

The quintet plays classic but really done death metal full of pace changes. At times they crank up the tempo, and especially the tight rhythm section does its best to give the songs momentum, but there is also always room for more melodic parts. The occasional use of keyboards, normally not common in the death metal genre, also works quite well by adding an atmospheric touch. This doesn’t mean that Death Then Nothing is suitable for weak-eared people, because it contains some undiluted smashers like the wild Bed Of Thorns and the rustic Father Of Oblivion. The evil growls fit perfectly into the concept of this intense and compact death metal album. The only reproach is the fact that Armagedon sound too much like the established acts of the Nineties. Vader, Dying Fetus and Vomitory are only three bands that spontaneously to mind.

On balance, a mostly positive impression remains. Even if Death Then Nothing may never achieve cult status, it is still an entertaining album that should give fans of extreme music a lot of fun and neck ache. This is the ideal soundtrack for your retro death metal party, but Armagedon should consider breaking away from their inspirations to achieve a more original identity.

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