ARMISTICE - Roots Of Evil

Armistice - Roots Of Evil

8 songs
40:01 minutes
***** ***
Bad Lands


At the end of the last millennium, DisAgreement reviewed two CDs (Airraid, Hot On The Trail) by Armistice from Germany. Five years later, there's a new one called Roots Of Evil. Two things that have changed are that the band has now found a record label and that the new CD is a full length album. Concerning their musical direction, Armistice haven't done any compromises. Although there's a new bass player, they are still walking their classic thrash metal path. If you are a fan of Eighties thrash metal, everything on Armistice's new record should be to your taste. Although thrash metal can be very simple at times, I'm often surprised how complex the songs are structured. Furthermore they are played on a very high technical level. Child Soldier and Berserk are two fine examples to underline this. The guitars are always in the foreground and there are surprisingly lots of solos on the record, which is a bit unusual for a thrash album. Six of eight songs can be classified as pure thrash metal in the line of bands like Megadeth and especially Annihilator. But Armistice also show their talents for other metal styles. Trail Of Fear is very doomy and Doggy Style is their most melodic song showing parallels to Iron Maiden and Iced Earth. Armistice have again done a very good work that convinces in every way (songwriting, instrumentation, production).

As a bonus, you find on the CD two video clips, a press kit, the lyrics, MP3s and photographs. As the CD is sold for only 8.50 euros, you can call this value for money.

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