ARMS AND SLEEPERS - Nostalgia For The Absolute

Arms And Sleepers - Nostalgia For The Absolute

12 songs
25:47 minutes
Expect Candy


Coming two months before their longplayer The Organ Hearts, Nostalgia For The Absolute features just as many tracks but as an EP is of course much shorter. The east coast duo does without any regular songs on this twenty-six minute journey, instead concentrates their energies on modern classical music. Of the dozen tracks, only one makes it over three minutes. Therefore it’s no surprise that a lot of it sounds like miniatures or work in progress. The two musicians, or should I say composers?, create a tapestry of tinkling piano sounds, soothing synth lines and utterly discreet beats whose sole intention is to paint chilly sonic landscapes.

This might work just perfectly for some kind of background music for an art film or documentary, but taken by itself, Nostalgia For The Absolute is just too sparse for its own good. Never taking the time to elaborate on motifs, you always only get a glimpse of what could have been before the next track is taking over. The band must have had its motives to make this a digital-only release, and apart from die-hard Arms And Sleepers fans and maybe the clinically depressive, it’s hard to imagine who will want to spend their time with this bleak EP. Better get your hands on its successor The Organ Hearts which at least shows the duo from their more accessible side.

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