ARMS AND SLEEPERS - The Organ Hearts

Arms And Sleepers - The Organ Hearts

12 songs
41:03 minutes
***** *
Expect Candy


Although coming from the American east coast, Arms And Sleepers are always welcome in tiny Luxembourg. Last year, they even had local film maker Ben Andrews shoot a video for their song The Architekt from their last longplayer Matador. The duo consisting of Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic was founded in 2006 and has since then released a whole lot of EPs and is now back with their third full-length album The Organ Hearts.

Joined this time by Ben Shepard of other Luxembourg favourites Uzi & Ari and Caspian’s Philip Jamieson, Arms And Sleepers present their audience with a dozen lush songs full of elaborated synth sounds and discreet beat programming that sets their music somewhere between electronica, trip hop and post rock. The album starts with the five and a half minute long instrumental Kepesh, and sets straightaway the mellow mood for the record. Although the following single Tusk and also I Sing The Body Electric feature laidback soulful vocals, about half of the material does without, thus giving the ensemble a somewhat cinematographic feeling.

The Organ Hearts is not an instant pleaser, instead you need to spend some time with it to discover its hidden intricacies. One thing’s for sure: Lewis and Ramic are accomplished composers and always take care to get just the right sound for the song, but at times everything just seems a little too heady and calculate to make it work properly, at least for me. I would have preferred them to leave the more experimental moments (there are a lot of short instrumentals strewn all over) for one of their countless EPs, instead focusing their energies more on regular songs. I am convinced that their hordes of fan, at least in Luxembourg, but possibly also all over the world, will dismiss this criticism and eagerly devour the duo’s latest longplayer.

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