ARSEBREED - Munching The Rotten

Arsebreed - Munching The Rotten

11 songs
30:46 minutes
***** ***


There's a lot I don't like about this album: the cover artwork is grossing me out, the band name is juvenile, the song titles are disgusting. I like splatter art as much as anybody else, but prefer the witty kind from early Peter Jackson movies or the brilliant Shawn Of The Dead parody. Yet not only books, but also CDs, should not be judged by their covers. Arsebreed, a six-piece death metal band from the Netherlands that gathered already a lot of experience in other bands (Pyaemia, Disavowed, Mangled), vows allegiance to American East Coast death metal, meaning that they have a hyperfast technical approach with some of the most evil vocals that are delivered by two vocalists.

If you care to watch the fifteen minute long making-of video that comes as a multimedia track, you'll be surprised about how nice Arsebreed look, because their music gives a totally different impression. The vocals may not be everybody's cup of tea, as they are just too deeply growled, sounding sometimes like early Cannibal Corpse toilet flush gurgles, but overall they are bearable. The drums could have a fatter production but kill everything in their way with its speed freak attitude, complete with complicated drum patterns that keep the rhythm work interesting. Best of all is the dual guitar work that doesn't need to hide behind their American inspirations (Deeds Of Flesh, Deicide). Although the speed comes close to the grind core genre at times, the intricate guitars keep the songs at all times highly technical, even progressive for its genre.

Munching The Rotten is ideal stuff for everyone who likes their death metal hard and brutal. This album comes from a different universe, unlike the more melodic European style death metal. Granted, the concept is disgusting and doesn't do Arsebreed justice, but if you get past that point, you will be surprised by the album's redeeming freshness.

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