ARTAS - The Healing

Artas - The Healing

13 songs
51:02 minutes
***** **


Starting with the name Staub & Schatten, the Austrians decided to call themselves Artas in 2007. After winning a talent show, they were signed by Napalm Records where they release now their debut album The Healing.

Artas define their genre globally as modern metal, which is in their case a successful combination of neo thrash, melodic death metal and some metalcore. Danish producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Neaera,…) gave the recording a perfect sound. Artas work hard to sound as raw as possible without neglecting though catchy choruses. Their songs are never too long, allowing the Austrians to come to the point quickly. The vocalist, singing in German, English and Spanish, growls, screams and sometimes even adds clean parts. His performance is best on the quieter Through Dark Gates, where he reminds me spontaneously of the late Kurt Cobain. Their sense of humour is proven by their sped up cover version of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, that although being much more aggressive than the original, still has the potential to become a club hit.

Despite some good ideas, Artas don’t yet do everything right. For one thing, The Healing isn’t terribly original. Without being weak, they still rehash elements that we know already from bands like Sepultura, Neaera and Fear My Thoughts. No song leaves a bad impression, but you won’t find real highlights either. A few songs less would have rendered this debut more compact.

Nonetheless, Artas show already a lot of potential. The band is still young and finding its identity, so I can imagine that the future will see them matured and improved. Modern metal fans should give The Healing a chance.

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