AS I LAY DYING - An Ocean Between Us

As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us

12 songs
43:22 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


I always highly respected that As I Lay Dying, a Christian metalcore band, aren’t preaching their beliefs as for instance The Chariot and Becoming The Archetype are doing. Their fourth CD An Ocean Between Us is an abrupt departure from their earlier works. Although As I Lay Dying have always been part of the more exciting metalcore bands, I started to become saturated of that trend.

An Ocean Between Us is a much more mature album than what we’ve come to know from As I Lay Dying in the past. Metalcore purists might be disappointed, but the more open-minded metalhead should appreciate the many faces on the new record. On the one hand, As I Lay Dying are presenting themselves more brutal than ever before. The album contains some really hard tracks with Within Destruction which impresses with incredible speed attacks, the pure thrasher Comfort Betrays and the death metal track Bury Us All. On the other hand, As I Lay Dying have become also more melodic. Even if many songs still contain aggressive verses showing the band’s metalcore roots, the guitars have become extremely harmonic and the choruses display quite clean vocals. At times As I Lay Dying sound like the heavier cousins of Linkin Park (An Ocean Between Us, Wrath Upon Ourselves,…). Forsaken even contains some emo rock elements. The melodic Sound Of Truth is by the way the only song with a guitar solo.

An Ocean Between Us is far more accessible than their previous effort Shadows Are Security. Their sound has developed into a versatile, modern and compact direction which is a huge step forward for the band. The band has taken the right decision by leaving the metalcore route which has long since passed its zenith. An Ocean Between Us has the potential to become the band’s most successful and essential record to date.

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