AS I LAY DYING - Shadows Are Security

As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security

12 songs
43:30 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Although metal core has meanwhile become very trendy, As I Lay Dying's debut Frail Words Collapse (2003) was one of the better albums of that genre. Their new CD Shadows Are Security fortunately isn't a total clone of its predecessor. The music is still metal core, but this time they put the emphasis more on metal than core. Although the five musicians are from California, the Gothenburg influences are discernible on a lot of songs, like Meaning In Tragedy, Empty Hearts and Morning Waits, just to name a few. The mixture of aggression, pure power and melodies succeeds very well on these songs. But there's also a much harder side to As I Lay Dying where their pissed off angry attitude invites to mosh around the living room. The Truth Of My Perception and Control Is Dead should convince you of the band's raw power.

These are the two main lines that are present on this record, but I prefer however three other songs. The Darkest Nights is without a doubt the most commercial track on Shadows Are Security. There are more songs with two vocal lines, but this track is so melodic that I wouldn't have been surprised if I had heard it on a Linkin Park record. The last song Illusions is very weird with its complex structure, making it hard to get into it the first time. My favourite track is Repeating Yesterday, absolutely bombastic and overwhelming. In the USA this CD has already entered the top 30 of the US billboard charts which shows that As I Lay Dying must have chosen the right way and can be named in the same breath as Unearth, At The Gates or Darkest Hour.

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