ASSERT - Riotous Assembly

Assert - Riotous Assembly

15 songs
26:26 minutes
***** ****
Hardboiled / Diehard


The cover artwork may look really cheap, but you will get the message instantaneously. If not, once you check their homepage, you will know that these guys play the most relentless kind of political second generation punk ever. Riotous Assembly is the British five-piece's already fourth release, and I have to admit ashamedly that I have never heard of them before.

The CD starts out with the rocking Lean On Me, a song somewhere between Madball and The Exploited. From there on it's mostly, but not only, full speed ahead, with fifteen songs all in all in something under half an hour. The hypnotic School Of Assassins, two ultra-shorties (Pusillanimous and You Set Me On Fire) and especially the moving anthemic Never Forget You (dedicated to their tragically deceased drummer) leave you some space to get your breath.

Where many American old school hardcore bands (and European ones that want to sound American) get lost in tough guy clichés, you get a whole different impression with Assert. These guys have something to say, and therefore don't lose time with street-wise lyrics, but rather concentrate on imminent social problems, all underlaid by a soundtrack to start the revolution against capitalism. Those who like their punk all sped up (with a nod to grind core) should check out this monster.

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