The Audience - Hearts

12 songs
49:50 minutes
***** **


Hearts is the third album by German alternative rock band The Audience. Coming from Hersbruck close to Nurnberg, the band seems to be fed up with the repeated comparisons to The Robocop Kraus who happen to be from the same small town. This might explain their musical transition with which I find myself struggling.

Globally speaking The Audience still play alternative rock, but their music is less danceable than on their previous records. The bass guitar has a more important role than in the past, and the music has a darker feeling too. There are still exceptions to be found, like the very hip Wolves which still justifies the aforementioned parallels. Occasionally an organ is used which gives the music a more psychedelic, even post rock flair. A somewhat different track is The Lesser Things where wave elements allow comparisons to The Cure. At times I truly like the new Audience very much, especially when they are letting it all loose. These songs are never boring, and especially the concluding Blinding Beams has an incredibly suspenseful structure. Unfortunately though, the album also contains some tracks that are just too quiet and don’t have any rough edges. Burning and Looming are two such songs that I could very well have lived without in favour of a couple more danceable pieces.

But it is difficult to make it work for everybody. Maybe some people will like the band’s evolution, while others will miss the good, old times. There definitely are some very interesting moments, and I can only hope for myself that the next time, The Audience will concentrate their energies more on their rocking side.

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