AUGER BANE - On Wings Of Fallen Rock

Auger Bane - On Wings Of Fallen Rock

11 songs
57:21 minutes
***** **
Negative Earth


With a homepage that is currently being updated an a Myspace presence that doesn’t offer too much information, the reviewer needs to let the music do the talking with this debut longplayer from British stoner rockers Auger Bane. Looking as greasy as they sound, the four-piece is playing its way to nearly one hour of Seventies inspired rock music, never really original or even spectacular, but borrowing from many different side streets of rock’n’roll to make their debut anything but boring. The opener Dragonfly for instance is a muscle-packed hardrocker that you could have expected from Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus, whereas the following Black Wine has a more conciliatory tone, and could even be used for alternative radio airplay. This is catchy stoner rock at its best. More majestic moments can be witnessed on the longer The Long Walk and the concluding title track with its more than eight minutes running time.

The production is at times a little modest, but functional all the same. In fact a glossier approach would have harmed the retro charm of the album. Released on their own label Negative Earth, Auger Bane may not yet have the financial backbone of more popular bands, but in times where Monster Magnet came back with a surprisingly solid new record, we should also give newcomers like Auger Bane a chance. I never get the impression that they try to copy a certain sound to appeal to a certain audience. It rather feels as if these guys have to play this music, independent of the time frame they find themselves. They would have sounded the same 20 years ago, and had they started another 20 years earlier, they might even have invented stoner fuelled rock’n’roll. Like I said, not truly spectacular, but works perfectly well for what it wants to be: straight, dirty, smelly rock music.

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