Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal

17 songs
38:36 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Austrian Death Machine is the solo project of Tim Lambesis, better knows as the vocalist for As I Lay Dying. As these Christian metalcore heroes have little sense of humour, he needed an outlet to vent off. Therefore the Californian artists made his solo debut a witty homage to his Governator, making fun of his questionable acting skills and his former Mr Universe title.

Consequently the musical approach is also less dogmatic as with As I Lay Dying. Although there are occasional death metal and metalcore parts, the emphasis lies mostly on old school thrash metal, reminding of bands like Sacred Reich and Nuclear Assault. Lambesis is playing all the instruments but he hired an additional guitarist to add solos to each song. The seventeen tracks are unfortunately only ten real songs and seven comedic interludes mocking Arnold Schwarzenegger but mostly robbing the album of its momentum, which is a shame, as the songs are top notch and much better than those from other comedy metal bands like Spinal Tap, GWAR or Green Jelly. Among the highlights are the mean and morbid Here Is Subzero, Now Plain Zero, which could be a long lost Celtic Frost track from the mid-Eighties. But also the other pieces are without an exception splendid and perfect to mosh and headbang.

I didn’t expect a member of As I Lay Dying to have such a sense of humour. Austrian Death Machine has released an excellent debut that lives up to its expectations once you program your CD recorder to skip the spoken words parts. I wouldn’t mind a second part of this.

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