AUTUMN OFFERING - Fear Will Cast No Shadow

Autumn Offering - Fear Will Cast No Shadow

11 songs
37:42 minutes
***** ***


Autumn Offering are probably one of Victory Record’s more untypical bands. The Chicago based label has signed no other band as close to metal music. Their 2006 release Embrace The Gutter was an excellent thrash metal album devoid of any popular elements like metalcore and emo rock.

The situation has slightly changed with their new and third CD Fear Will Cast No Shadow. Thrash metal is still the main ingredient, but quite melodic nu metal choruses and aggressive metalcore parts have managed to find their way into their sound. Even if there is a risk of becoming too trendy, it’s amazing how harmonically this has been integrated. The changes may be explained by two line-up changes on vocals and drums. You can compare the new Autumn Offering to Trivium, whose producer Jason Suecoff was also in charge of recording Fear Will Cast No Shadow.

The songs are mostly played at an astonishing hi-speed and kept so dynamic and compact that there is no time for superfluous moments. The melodic guitar lines are played with great virtuosity. The new vocalist Matt McChesney (formerly of Hell Within) gives the songs a warm touch. A lot of breaks and the solid production add to the musical excellence. After seven songs, the album takes a more aggressive turn with an increase in harsh shouts and groovy moshparts. Even if the brutal parts are not sounding bad either, I prefer the catchier side of Autumn Offering, finding its zenith in the commercial sounding Silence And Goodbye.

Although the second part of the record can’t exactly keep the level of the first half, Fear Will Cast No Shadow is still one of the better extreme metal albums. This five-piece underlines that Florida bands are apt at more than just classic US death metal.

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