AVIAN - Ashes And Madness

Avian - Ashes And Madness

10 songs
54:39 minutes
***** ***


Ashes And Madness is the second album by American metal band Avian. Apart from guitar and vocals, the entire line-up has been replaced since their debut From The Depths Of Time. Former Megadeth bass player Dave Ellefson left to pursue his career with F5.

Avian certainly don’t bring new elements to the genre, but they combine progressive, symphonic and power metal into a splendid symbiosis unheard of from any other band. Their music sounds retro, catapulting you twenty or even more years back into the past. Everything you hear sounds vaguely familiar, but nostalgic metalheads shouldn’t care too much. The first comparisons that jumped my mind were Fates Warning’s A Spectre Within and Savatage’s Sirens. But also early Helloween and Queensr˙che have left their traces on a few songs. These are matched perfectly by Lance King’s slightly high vocals. I must admit that his performances in some of his many other bands like Balance Of Power and Pyramaze were never really my thing.

The new album presents itself from many different sides. Next to heavier tracks like the fast ten minute long Time And Space II: Unlock The Mystery and the anthemic Into The Other Side, there are also pieces like All The King’s Horses that will satisfy the mid-tempo faction. Despite its long running time, the CD contains no weak material, only the guitar solos aren’t always entirely convincing.

Those who got into US metal in the Eighties should also have a great time with this album. Even the production maintains an authenticity that makes you believe that Ashes And Madness could have come from an earlier decade. Avian have delivered a strong piece of music, and we can only hope that they will promote it live somewhere near us soon.

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