AXEL RUDI PELL - Tales Of The Crown

Axel Rudi Pell - Tales Of The Crown

10 songs
60:32 minutes
Steamhammer / SPV


God only knows why Germans are still so fond of Axel Rudi Pell! His new album Tales Of The Crown made it once again into the charts, and fellow reviewers can’t seem to find enough praise for him. I once again seem at a loss, like with his previous CDs.

Of course his band consists of blameless musicians. Pell has had the image of a guitar hero already in his Steeler days back in the Eighties, Mike Terrana has been drumming for countless well known bands and vocalist Johnny Gioeli has made quite a reputation for himself. Keyboard player Ferdy Doernberg was a founding member of Rough Silk, bass player Volker Krawczak used to play with Pell in Steeler. It’s undeniable that we are in the presence of skilled musicians, as they have shown already on their previous records, but maybe it would be time now to show off their songwriting abilities.

The Axel Rudi Pell band is hopelessly stuck in the Eighties and never comes up with new impulses. No matter if poser tracks (Ain’t Gonna Win), semi-ballads (Touching My Soul) or hymns (Northern Lights), they never even sound as exciting as the equally tiring Scorpions. Buried Alive sticks out as the only highlight, where the band shows that they still can rock. More of this would have been welcome.

Apart from some early Steeler albums (Strike Back, Undercover Animal), I have never been a fan of Axel Rudi Pell, and Tales Of The Crown will definitely not change that fact. But why should he even think about change, because, contrary to the proverb, this prophet is definitely honoured in his own country.

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