AXXIS - reDISCOver(ed)

Axxis - reDISCOver(ed)

13 songs
54:45 minutes
***** **


Melodic metal band Axxis from Dortmund has been around for nearly a quarter century, and back in their early days, when I was still a teenager, I didn’t really enjoy their first albums (Kingdom Of The Night, II). One reason is that back in the day I was totally into death metal and other extreme metal music. Afterwards I lost sight of the band, before I had the opportunity to listen to their last studio album Utopia three years ago. There were some pleasant moments to be had, but I still thought that their approach was still centred too strongly on quiet parts.

Their new album not only has great funny artwork and a fun way of spelling its title, but also shows Axxis from quite a different side. ReDISCOver(ed) is a tribute to non-metal bands that must have influenced them. After my first time through the CD, I was a little disappointed that the record didn’t sound as “disco” as I would have hoped for. Axxis are acting in a very varied way, but most tracks are still quite close to the original versions, which makes moments of surprise rare. They also covered mostly better known tracks, so there are hardly any discoveries to be made. Like I said: the execution is flawless, but more risk would have rendered some of the tracks more interesting. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes), Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull) and Live Is Life (Opus) are three examples where Axxis stay too close to the template. Whenever they head into purer disco territory, things brighten up considerably: Ma Baker (Boney M) and Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees), even if the latter is a rather morbid if probably unintended choice, so soon after Robin Gibb’s demise. Their take on Kraftwerk’s We Are The Robots is just as sterile as the electro krauts original version.

Let’s move now to the album’s sins. White Wedding (Billy Idol) has a great arrangement, but the overly high vocals sound put on. Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins) is just as stale as the original version from the Eighties. And My Heart Will Go On (CÚline Dion) has already been such a piece of crap from the onset that even the best artist couldn’t have saved this kitsch dripping song.

All in all ReDISCOver(ed) has turned out to be a rather enjoyable experiment, but I admit that I expected more from this seasoned musicians. There are certainly better cover albums around, but also undeniably worse ones. As a party rock gimmick, it works also only works marginally, as the fun factor isn’t that high. I still guess that every Axxis fan with a sense of humour will happily add this album to their collection.

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