BAABA - Poope Musique

Baaba - Poope Musique

13 songs
43:47 minutes
***** ***
Lado ABC


In the beginning of the new century, Baaba was formed by Bartosz Weber from Mitch & Mitch who recorded the first album all by himself. Later on, three more people were added to the band which made for more albums released in a regular rhythm. Poope Musique, their fourth one, sports music as strange as the album title and the cover artwork suggest.

Highly influenced by jazz and electronica, the vast array of instruments (guitars, drums, bass, trumpets, flutes, saxophone and samples) as well as post rock and avantgarde elements take care to make the music even more unpredictable which helps to keep the album exciting and energetic.

The album starts with a weird avant-garde improvisation before segueing into a jazzier tune with imposing bass guitar and a freewheeling wind section. Some of their jazz songs with trumpet and saxophone remind me of Miles Davis and Eumir Deodato, although I am hardly a specialist of that genre. Two tracks are so extreme that they can be considered free jazz. Biegnij, Kuba Biegnij is a mellower song which takes advantage of a first class flute part, making it the perfect soundtrack for a Seventies police thriller. My favourite track however is Madamme Solario which trumps with elaborate arrangements and excellent vibraphone playing. Less jazzy, but more suitable for electro fans are the dynamic and danceable 12 and the two songs at the end of the album with their unusual structures.

The album contains thirteen mostly instrumental tracks which have such complex arrangements that you don’t even miss the vocals. Baaba’s music isn’t easy listening and demands a lot of patience and attention from its audience. Poope Musique is a quite unique album that is hard to compare to other artists, but everyone who likes The Residents, Tortoise, Aphex Twin and weird jazz should risk an ear. The CD comes with a forty minute long DVD with a live concert.

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