BABYOIL - Assume Nothing

Babyoil - Assume Nothing

7 songs
22:29 minutes
***** ***
Winged Skull


Two years after their comeback album Score, local alt rockers Babyoil are back with a new sign of life. You’d think that such a long time would have enabled them to come forward with another longplayer, but the quartet decided to release an EP. Assume Nothing, once you subtract the intro and the outro, leaves you with five songs that show a band that has evidently worked hard to develop their signature sound.

The predecessor contained of course a couple of hits, but the experimental factor was still very high. It is evident that Babyoil try to achieve a higher catchiness with their new material. This is most evident on its first half that contains the shorter songs. Only A Child still contains the strong guitar work of their six-string tandem, but the vocals have a much more prominent role now, with Sebastien nowadays singing with a slightly higher voice that carries more emotional depth. Some may feel estranged by this change, but actually it makes perfect sense in the overall approach. Army Of Butterflies is another track that has undeniable hit qualities. The soaring guitars have an undeniable post rock quality, even if the general mood is more uplifting than that of most other genre bands. Manipulation Of The Paradigms is the last of the short tracks before the second half features Superficial Intelligence and Fuck You which both are nearly five minutes long and give up the earlier straightforwardness for a more introspective mood that takes some time before they reach their zenith. The lyrics are by the way light years away from the trite vapidness of many current indie bands and add to the already very favourable impression.

Frontman Sebastien has been active for about twenty years in the local music scene, and still doesn’t show any signs of wear. Babyoil play an adult kind of alternative rock not unlike Sparta, Oceansize, At The Drive-In, etc., an add to this a healthy portion of post rock awareness, which culminates in a sound that is quite unique for their little country of provenance. If they are able to maintain this high level with the hopefully soon upcoming longplayer, we are definitely in for a treat!

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