BATHTUB SHITTER - Angels Save Us + Mark A Muck

Bathtub Shitter - Angels Save Us + Mark A Muck

15 songs
26:12 minutes
***** ***


If you work hard enough, you will eventually make it. Bathtub Shitter, the busy grind gods from Japan, are right now when I am writing this review touring the United States, and when they are not releasing new albums, they feed their fans with re-releases of out-of-print material. After their early days compilation Early Yeah(s) earlier this year, they are now back with a new CD compiling two vinyl seve-inch EPs from the years 2001/2002 plus a live track. Especially the songs from the Angels Save Us EP (the band's fifth one) are excellent, apart from the childish cheerleader opener. The longer tracks Big Hip Pig and Angels Save Us surprise with groovy parts that add diversity to the music. The Mark A Muck EP (the band's fourth one) has lower production values, but the B-side title track certainly is something else with its eight minutes of high intensity sludge rhythm.

Those you want to get to know Bathtub Shitter better start with Lifetime Shitlist or the even better Dancehall Grind, but completists will not only fill gaps in their collection, but also get another high quality output from one of grind core's more original bands.

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