BATHTUB SHITTER - Dancehall Grind

Bathtub Shitter - Dancehall Grind

13 songs
40:04 minutes
***** ****


This must be my Japanese week. After fighting myself through a book of Kobo Abe's intellectual science fiction short stories, I have to admit that I enjoy the lightness of his fellow Japanese Bathtub Shitter, a band that I came to know exactly two years ago. The album title still puts the band on the grindcore genre, but it is obvious to anyone following these crazy guys' career that they have evolved long since.

Their second full-length album Dancehall Grind starts with a short electronic intro before Skate Of Bulgaria shows that stereotypes also exist (although in a humorous way: skiing is not done on snow, but on yoghurt) in the Far East. But don't worry, the major part of the album is still dedicated to the coprophiles love for the brown. Re-Shit, Everybody Has The Wet, the beautiful acoustic instrumental Shit Drop and the backwards message Stihs Latem are enough proof for that.

Unlike most contemporary grindcore bands that have a serious no-fun approach at their music, Bathtub Shitter would have felt at ease in the late Eighties to early Nineties when it was considered cool to wear fluorescent Bermuda shorts. An unlikely DRI cover version (Time Out, from one of the band's later, lesser known albums) shows that the roots lie firmly in the early crossover movement, while the dual vocals (evil growls vs. insane Chimpanzee screams) remind me of British cult joke core band Bomb Disneyland.

Bathtub Shitter have enough musical talent to make it all work, it never sounds like a silly joke. Instead of relying on short song structures, they average three minutes per track, with Rest In Piss making it even over seven minutes. If you liked Bathtub Shitter's earlier releases, you are bound to love Dancehall Grind. If you are not familiar with them, you should know that a love for extreme metal and a healthy sense of humour are prerequisites for this masterpiece of scatological fun.

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