BATHTUB SHITTER - Wall Of World Is Words

Bathtub Shitter - Wall Of World Is Words

12 songs
20:48 minutes
***** ****
Power It Up


Bathtub Shitter from Japan are back, this time not yet with a new album, but with a re-release on CD of their first mini album from the year 2000, with two bonus tracks and all of it remastered with a new sound that makes it sound fresher than last year's debut longplayer. It's still a very short album, but so full of good ideas that once again these sick Japanese are again on the forefront of great grindcore music.

The lyrics are like always very cryptic, written in a very hard to understand English, but the songs themselves are bursting with energy. A couple of acoustic intros make for an amusing change, while the three cover versions by ENT, Scum and especially Holy Moses (whose Fuck You is done in an impressive doom grind version) should be interesting for fans of extreme metal music.

I may have considered their first album Lifetime Shitlist as a grindcore novelty, but Wall Of World Is Words proves once and for all that they are much more than a cheap joke. Instead of just playing it safe and fast all the time, Bathtub Shitter have enough variety in their songs to make this 20 very interesting minutes. Hysteric vocals interact with deep growls, the guitars are exceptionally transparent, while the bass guitar is loud and pounding in a very rock'n'rollish way. Even the drums sound as if you were standing right next to them. This is wild music that refuses to drown in chaos. If you like quality grind (Nasum, Regurgitate), then Bathtub Shitter should be on your next wishlist.

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