BATTLELORE - Evernight

Battlelore - Evernight

9 songs
42:57 minutes
***** **


Battlelore is a fantasy metal band from Finland which was founded in 1999. Their lyrics are mostly based on novels written by J.R.R. Tolkien. So far, Battlelore has released three albums which I am not familiar with.

According to the band, their fourth album Evernight is more bombastic and heavier than their previous works. Although not all the songs are sounding identical, they are still built up more or less on the same structure. Their so called fantasy metal is in fact quite close to classic gothic metal, even if there are some folkloristic elements, especially convincing on The Cloak And The Dagger. The change of brutal male death metal vocals and cleaner romantic and dreamful female vocals are of course another gothic cliché, but they are nevertheless well done and it's often not obvious to foresee what will happen next.

Battlelore play melodic goth songs with lots of keyboards that are also suitable for HIM fans (House Of Heroes, Mask Of Flies). There is also a calmer and darker side to them which reminded me of Tiamat (Ocean's Elysium, Into The New World). Fans who prefer the harder side of Battlelore should listen to Summon The Wolves and We Are The Legions. And finally the album comes to an excellent end with the bombastic Beneath The Waves.

Battlelore's new album gives you a good overview of what gothic and fantasy metal is about. But it can't give you anything more and isn't ready to be counted among the best bands of this genre. Even if Evernight doesn't annoy, it isn't yet on the same level as the latest albums by Elis, Korpiklaani, Tristania and Leaves Eyes.

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