BATTLESWORD - Failing In Triumph

Battlesword - Failing In Triumph

10 songs
37:49 minutes
***** ***
Neon Knights


Although Failing In Triumph is the debut CD by the German melodic death metal band Battlesword, they may be familiar to some metal fans because one track of them could already be heard on the 10th Rock Hard Unerhört-CD, a compilation for promoting newcomer metal bands. The band name may suggest that you are in presence of a Manowar clone band, but Battlesword play quite decent melodic death metal, strongly inspired by the classic Sweden school. Especially the guitar work is very convincing on this debut, but the growl like vocals fit well to the global sound, too. Most of the songs contain very melodic and calm guitar parts which gives the music more variation. The mid-tempo track Baptized In Fire is one of the album's highlights. Don't expect anything new from Battlesword, but the fact that the songs contain lots of tempo changes makes them quite interesting. Bloody Reign proves that Battlesword also have more aggressive tendencies. But this track forms an exception and friends of melodic Scandinavian sounding death metal should give this promising German newcomer band a chance. I think that they can still develop very much in the future, but the debut is already very good.

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