BAYSIDE – The Walking Wounded

Bayside - The Walking Wounded

10 songs
46:13 minutes
***** ****


In early 2004 Bayside released their debut which was just average in the huge pool of emocore bands. Their next self-titled album showed already an impressive progress but then the band was hit by fate in a terrible way on Halloween 2005. Their touring bus had a dramatic traffic accident which killed drummer John Holohan and severely injured bass player Nick Ghanbarian. The two remaining band members made an unplugged tour and released an acoustic CD to honour their friends. Meanwhile the bass player has recovered and a new drummer (Chris Guglielmo) has been recruited.

The new Bayside CD The Walking Wounded isn't sombre and dwelling in the past, but is clearly focusing on moving forward. The opener is a moving track with rocking and sadder moments in the spirit of Ben Folds Five. It's probably the best song Bayside have ever recorded. This trend of a more adult approach is reflected throughout the album. They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns is a quite mature emo rock song free from the usual clichés. Duality and Carry On are songs with a strong pop approach, making them possible future single or video edits. I And I and the ending (Pop)lunar Science are two solemn emo hymns, a side we haven't known from Bayside until now. Head On A Plate is another nice pop tune with some funny glockenspiel parts.

All highlights are found on the first half of the record, but that's usually the case for most releases. Even if the second half isn't as strong as the first one, there's not a single blackout on the album and even the latter songs are cool emo pop songs that never try to hurt. Bayside have made a huge step forward. Let's hope that their future will be brighter than their recent past.

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