BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors - Behind Closed Doors

7 songs
37:20 minutes
***** *
Finest Noise


Behind Closed Doors are an instrumental metal band which was founded in Germany in 2005. The three musicians play the typical rock instruments guitar, bass and drums, but furthermore all of them have a classical education.

From a musical perspective, it's hard to pin down Behind Closed Doors. Somewhere between progressive and avantgarde seems to come closest. Apparently this kind of music is nowadays called djent, but I might be too old to know about that. Often they show off their darker side, but they aren't afraid of faster parts either. The guitar prefers to play deep notes, the bass has a very dominant role, but the drums can't quite assert itself next to the two other instruments. The technical prowess is actually quite impressive, as on the complex Miserere 2 Go which shows certain parallels to Mekong Delta and Voivod. The following Install Catharsis is another suspenseful piece of music and one of the more rewarding moments on the album. Another highlight is L.C.D.M., a faster track full of details to discover. The remaining songs aren't bad either, but it seems to me that Behind Closed Doors have not yet enough ideas to make it over half an hour. After some time, things tend to become repetitive and make it hard on the listener to listen to the entire album in one take.

I do like the idea of the complimentary DVD. I expected some live recordings, but I was wrong. In fact it contains the video projections that the band uses during its live shows, and of course also the songs that go with the videos. The first flickering images made me nearly epileptic, but then they are followed by bizarre images that would also have fitted Tool's music. Strange insects, anatomical detail views, burning toys and pipe systems may not be to everyone's taste though.

I can't really fully recommend this album, despite the musicians' undeniable talent. The music comes more from the head than from the gut, and the absent vocals furthermore underline the occasional lacking songwriting ideas. Behind Closed Doors certainly know where they are headed, but they have to work a little harder to reach that goal.

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