BEHOLDER - Wish For Destruction

Beholder - Wish For Destruction

10 songs
42:37 minutes
***** ***


Beholder are a symphonic epic metal band from Italy and their debut The Legend Begins was already quite a great album. Musically they go more or less into the same direction as Rhapsody or Hammerfall, but their vocals are far more exciting. Although the use of mixed male and female vocals has meanwhile become a kind of cliché, I have to admit that both singers have very strong and clear voices. A lot of the songs are traditional bombast up-tempo metal tracks like Wish For Destruction (which can also be viewed as a video clip on the CD) or 7even. One of my favourite songs is Beyond Science which shows lots of variations concerning faster and slower parts and is the most complex song on the record, also because of some experimental passages. Failure 617 is quite similar to this song and another highlight on the CD. Unfortunately the band isn't strong enough yet to keep the entire album on a same high level and the songwriting shows sometimes a lack of inspiration. Bleeding Town, for instance, really brings nothing new into that genre of metal. But as the rest of the songs are OK and the production is great, I think that 8 points are a fair rating for the second Beholder CD.

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