BENEATH THE SKY - What Demons Do To Saints

Beneath The Sky - What Demons Do To Saints

11 songs
45:54 minutes


Ohio six-piece Beneath The Sky could have been something special, because I can't think of any other metal band that sports a keytar player. The keytar is a keyboard guitar, an instrument which was very fashionable in Eighties euro pop bands. Unfortunately the production gives very little weight to the synth sounds, instead we get archetypical metalcore, most of the time more aggressive than their contemporaries, but of course Beneath The Sky never forget the melodic moments that are so vital to chart a success in their home country.

What Demons Do To Saints is the band's debut full length album, and it is a bit of a shame that the two most memorable tracks, 7861 and Being In A Coma Is Hell Carried On, were already to be found on a previously released EP, giving the impression that there has been songwriting stagnation.

Add irritating Christian themed lyrics, and we are in the presence of one of the most unnecessary recent releases. Technically there is nothing wrong with What Demons Do To Saints, but the complete lack of originality paired with a trend-hopping attitude should make this album only an item an the to-buy list of uncompromising metalcore fans that have so much money that they can really afford a complete collection of the genre. And maybe Christians with a knack for hard music might like this too. But everyday-metal fans should find much better somewhere else.

And remember: if you boast having an instrument that no other metal band has, please give it next time more space to develop.

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