BENNY JANSSON - Save The World

Benny Jansson - Save The World

12 songs
41:05 minutes
***** ****


A Swedish guitar player working with the vocalist and the keyboarder of the Yngwie Malmsteen band? When I read that part in the info sheet, I was already planning for the worst to come. So the first time I listened to Save The World, I was taken by surprise, as this is no heavy metal album, not even hard rock.

I have not too much experience listening to guitar solo works, but instantly one name came to my mind: Allan Holdsworth. This might be as the sound on this album reminds me a lot of Soft Machine's Bundle album (1975) and U.K. debut LP (1978). So is there a distinct 70ies sound to this album? I wouldn't say so. It's just that the guitar has the same synthesized sound, something very fusion-like and altogether jazzy. Göran Edman's voice may not be suitable for hard rock fans, but the way he treats a ballad like Deep Wood or a funk piece like Give My Baby Love is just truly exceptional.

Another thing to love about this album are the short songs, which guarantees that Benny never loses himself in his music. His instrumentals, which are two third on the album, have a very magic sound, something you wouldn't expect from a rock artists. If you like prog, fusion and jazz rock, Save The World might be just what you want from Santa Claus. It's an album that improves on each time you listen to it. I give it 9 big points, and not only for the consolation that now there is something like an unofficial third U.K. album.

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