Between The Buried And Me - Colors

8 songs
64:12 minutes
***** *****


Ever since I first heard Between The Buried And Me in 2003, when they released their second album The Silent Circus, I declared them my favourite metalcore band of all times. The following Alaska cemented that impression, and last year the Americans surprised with one of the most eclectic cover albums of all times. Having hired the maximum rating since their inception, it is of course shameful to “only” give their new opus Colors the same rating as it shows again an incredible jump forward.

The spartan cover artwork looks more like the first steps of computer graphics before anyone was talking about real 3D programs, and gives an absolutely wrong impression of what to expect on Colors. Although the album is divided into eight separate tracks, it feels like one more than hour long rollercoaster ride through the most different musical genres, and that of course sometimes within each track. The opener Foam Born (A) The Backtrack is with two minutes the shortest piece and begins like a Radiohead ballad before turning into an epic prog metal song and then ending like a grindcore monster. The following tracks are of course even crazier, and trying to describe every detail is just next to impossible: prog metal, thrash, stoner, grunge, hardrock,… But don’t expect only to discover the different faces of rock music, because there’s ample room for funny breaks, as when the band starts playing square-dance country music, or polka, or whatever comes into their crazy minds.

Other bands have travelled this road before. I am thinking of the Finnish crossover masters Waltari or Canadian wunderkind Devin Townsend in his various inceptions, but no one has done it as extremely wild as Between The Buried And Me. They combine sheer brutality with sublime beauty and never forget to add a well proportioned dose of humour to go along. Of course some people may say that Colors is the silly product of musicians that are too good for their own sake, but to that, I can only reply that this is their jealousy talking. Colors is instantly likeable and a challenge too, a paradox that truly works perfectly on this album. Metalcore album of the year? No, Colors is the album of the year already now, even though autumn has not even begun. I just wonder if they can still top this insane masterpiece.

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