Between The Lines - Wake Up Call

11 songs
29:38 minutes
***** ***


It's weird cover artwork, but I somehow like it anyway. Between The Lines are a hardcore band from the Flemish speaking part of Belgium, and although they are not original neither for the style nor for the part of the world they are coming from, Wake Up Call is still an album that knows how to please.

With eleven songs coming in under just half an hour, BTL take no prisoners. Their very old school sounding music adds a heavy metallic edge that guarantees a dynamic freshness you shouldn't take for granted any more these days. Although no single song struck my attention especially, there is an overall very high quality to the album, and the rather short playing time may frustrate, but then it also makes the listening pleasure more intense, as this style of music may become repetitive otherwise.

If you like your hardcore old-school (and BTL compare themselves to Strife, just so that you know what we are talking about) and well done, then Wake Up Call should not only be the best way to start your day, but also one to end it. The vinyl version comes with a bonus track. 8 juicy points.

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