Beyond Fallen - Mindfire

10 songs
52:10 minutes
***** ****


I am always very sceptical when a heavy metal band declared to adhere to time-tested traditions, because more often than not, this means that we have just another true metal clone (or clown) who due to a lack of original ideas just hold on tight to a trend and hope that people will dig it. Beyond Fallen from the USA are the popular exception to the rule. Mindfire is, after a self-released EP and album, their first release on a label, and is also one of the best US metal albums I have heard in my entire life. The production, although very powerful and undeniably perfect, sounds like an updated take at mid-Eighties Metallica or Kreator during their Pleasure To Kill era (just listen to the drum sound). Beyond Fallen’s music is an exquisite blend of heavy and thrash metal, reminding strongly of Metal Church and especially Omen, making Mindfire the best Omen album that Omen never recorded.

Although Mindfire is from start to end a flawless exercise in mid-Eighties US power metal excellence, it’s the middle that overwhelms when Enemy Of An Open Mind overwhelms you with its aggressive mood, before Closer To The End soothes you in typical semi-ballad fashion, and Fields Of Honor follows as a mind blowing instrumental. Most of the songs are steaming mid-tempo crushers that live from the shredding guitar work and the fierce vocals that are so much more refreshing than all those legions of castrated vocalists from the European school of heavy metal.

Beyond Fallen are not original, but they master a genre that was never that popular in the first place, and therefore they should be considered as true followers of a genre and never as trend-hopping media kids. Undivided media hype surrounding Mindfire should be proof enough that this album manages to convince every quality conscious heavy metal fan.

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