BIOHAZARD - Means To An End

Biohazard - Means To An End

10 songs
33:51 minutes
***** *
Steamhammer / SPV


Biohazard are without a doubt the godfathers of hardcore metal and no other band in that genre has been more often copied. Now they are back with their eighth studio album and to be very straight, it doesn't contain any surprises. The album starts with menacing sirens that are accompanied by mid tempo deeply tuned guitar riffs before the groovy stop-and-go vocals enter the game. That's the classical recipe for a Biohazard song. Without being too fast, Biohazard are able to play very brutal riffs, and because of the mostly comprehensible vocals, they always try to search contact to the listener so that they feel like being addressed by the band. The lyrics are again very dark and depressive. Song titles like My Life My Way, Killing To Be Free, Don't Stand Alone, etc. are messages that everyone may feel bad in life, but it's always worth struggling and finding a friend who may help. This preaching sets them on a similar level like religious zealots.

I liked Biohazard very much when I was ten years younger. Nowadays I have the impression that their groovy Brooklyn hardcore sound is aimed at kiddies and not at people who have reached their thirties already years ago. Another point why Biohazard aren't my favourite band is that there's not an awful lot of variation on the record. Even if Killing To Be Free and Set Me Free contain some slower doom parts, Biohazard too often switch back to the already well known pattern. Their music is very dynamic, but just too easy to foresee. I have seen Biohazard already twice live on stage where they are much more entertaining than on CD.

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