BITCH ALERT - ..riot

Bitch Alert - ..riot

14 songs
40:42 minutes
***** ***
Gaga Goodies


Bitch Alert are a very young all female alternative band from Finland; their average age is only 19 years. The girls already began playing music 4 years ago and started their career with some newcomer contests. Their first outputs were two demo tapes and a CD-single which were only published in Finland. Now they have finally released their first full length CD called ..rriot. This title fits the band. Not only do the three band members look like real rriot girls, their aims go into the same direction: eating plenty of lipstick, destroying the corporate rock dinosaurs and reaching the primitive rock'n'roll stars. I don't want to consider Bitch Alert as a primitive band, but don't expect progressive tunes. The music is a good mixture of rock'n'roll and punk, and the vocals are sounding nasty and cheeky. The vocals remind me of Cybele from Norway, but Bitch Alert of course don't have a gothic approach. On some songs Bitch Alert also try to be more melodic (Sandy, Rockets, Dope Sick Girl) which is a nice diversion to the trashy parts. A great girly album that rocks!

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