BIZIBOX - Never Catch Us Downtown

Bizibox - Never Catch Us Downtown

11 songs
45:07 minutes
***** ****


Although Bizibox from the former German capital Bonn have been founded about ten years ago, Never Catch Us Downtown is so far only their third CD. I'm not familiar with their past and can't say if they've achieved some development compared to their previous albums, but the songs on Never Catch Us Downtown are a great collection of timeless noise rock. Not all kinds of German music are good, but there's no other nation that plays distorted guitar rock as well as they do. Most songs are a well done mixture of melodic passages with enough noisy guitars to cause some distortion. The band has been long enough together to learn how a solid song should be written, and they succeeded without problems. The vocals are astonishingly harmonic and you wouldn't think that a German is singing English vocals as there is no noticeable accent. The vocals make me think of US indie legends like Hüsker Dü and The Lemondheads. Some songs are real smashers like La Voiture d'Or and Amplified (a song that hasn't stolen its title). Other tracks have a stronger emo side like Screenshift and Done. People who like more melodic stuff should try On Magazines and No. 1. The only stranger and weaker track is the closening Poor You which sounds too experimental compared to the rest of the album. Apart from that, there are ten great tracks which are driving the music forward. Bizibox have the necessary talents to become the successors of Sharon Stoned who used to be Germany's number one noise band for a long time.

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