BLACK CANDLE - The Faceless Angel

Black Candle - The Faceless Angel

11 songs
49:29 minutes
***** ***


Speaking of black metal, you can't forget to mention Black Candle... at least when you're discussing the Luxembourgian scene. The Faceless Angel is already the second CD of the band formed by Lord Simon. I admit to never have heard their first CD, but this new one, released by the local extreme metal club Burhuc, is one solid piece of dark metal.

The good thing about Black Candle is their traditional approach to black metal: there are no goth, wave or otherwise weird influences in their music. They rather sound like an early 90ies BM outfit that is still somewhat clinging to the pre-black thrash heroes like Sodom or Destruction. Most of the songs are therefore rather fast, although there are also some more doomy parts. Especially the title song shows us a band that can write great songs without having to reinvent music.

I also want to be critical though. First of all the intro Angel Stench is too long and really going on my nerves with the static white noise in the background (I thought my stereo blew up again). The production could also be somewhat fatter. As the band recorded in a professional (but local) studio, I guess the blame may be put on the producer who wasn't accustomed to that kind of music before.

But that's just a small point compared to the raw energy you get out of this CD. Local black metal fans probably own this record anyway, but people from outside reading this should check Black Candle out... or they will miss a really promising band from the dark woods of Luxembourg.

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