Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

12 songs
33:32 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Miasma is the second CD by The Black Dahlia Murder and it seems that they haven't learnt anything from the errors on their debut. Although the five metalheads are from Detroit, their death metal is again sounding totally Swedish. The songs on Miasma could as well have been from lost albums by At The Gates or The Crown as The Black Dahlia Murder are not afraid of using already well established clichés of that genre.

The music on Miasma isn't original at all, but at least The Black Dahlia Murder are technically on a very high level. The wrath spread in each song is nearly incredible. Singer Trevor Starnd sounds as desperate as if he felt the urge to to kill the entire world. The vocals are very metalcore, but there are also darker growls which you usually find in death metal songs. The songs are played at an astonishing high velocity without losing anything of their melodic and brutal elements. The guitar work is simply fantastic. Although I'm not a fan of solos, the one you find on Statutory Ape is first class.

It was a wise choice to give this album a short running time. After a bit more than half an hour, you're exhausted listening to those killer tracks. They sometimes sound a bit overloaded so that you don't know where to put your attention. The album ends with a decent use of string instruments, indicating that the next album by The Black Dahlia Murder will be completely different. Let's hope so, because I can't see any sense in making another tribute to Swedish death gods.

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