BLACK FRIDAY '29 - The Escape

Black Friday '29 - The Escape

13 songs
28:20 minutes
***** **


Action causes reaction, this third law of Newton (elementary physics) we all learned in high school. Even when it comes to hardcore music, Newton is still valid, because the more hardcore bands turn into a more progressive, angular, jazzy direction, the more it seems to me old school hardcore bands surface as a kind of reaction to the (unwanted?) transformation of their beloved style. And while most old school bands are as useless as tits on a bishop, Black Friday '29 from Germany are one of the rare exceptions that knows how to rock people with their driving hardcore sound. They are certainly not about to change your life, as the label info sheet so boldly claims, but their mostly up-tempo songs are digging themselves through your skull, and with an average length of about two minutes per song, there is actually not much that can go wrong. From the first song to the very last, this is one half hour of energetic old school attacks, without any one song particularly sticking out, but then also without any down moments. Although BF29 take a lot of inspiration from classic hardcore bands, the production is more transparent, giving the necessary credit to every instrument. The vocals are not your typical tough guy shouts, but come across in a somewhat higher register, without ever grating on your nerves, and even allowing hints of melody (as detected on Never Given Back).

The Escape comes off as a very international product: a German band recording in Belgium (where old school is really very big at the moment) to release on a Dutch label. If you like Sick Of It All, old Cro-Mags and Slapshot, then you can't do anything wrong by purchasing this respectable debut album. Not exactly original, but solid workmanship that deserves seven points.

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