BLACK MAJESTY - Silent Company

Black Majesty - Silent Company

9 songs
46:51 minutes
Limb Music


It has now been a couple of years since the outbacks from Australia have discovered that rock music is much more than just AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. Pioneers of a popular new melodic power metal wave are Australian bands like Vanishing Point, Pegazus and Black Majesty who have just released their second CD Silent Company. Although talking of pioneers is a bit flattering because Black Majesty just cover the ground that was hype in Europe about twenty years ago. Think of Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Helloween in the mid-Eighties and you know more or less what to expect. Silent Company is a very traditional album that doesn't run the risk of being at least slightly innovative. Black Majesty are never a really hard band. Melodies and clean vocal lines are the most important part of their music. Although they are a metal band, the songs often get too soft (Darkened Room) or just too simple and banal (Firestorm, Never Surrender). The last named songs ought to be metal hymns, but they are closer to shampooed AOR fluff. The only partly succeeded song is Six Ribbons. It's another hymn, but combined with Viking elements and well done Valkyrie choirs. True metal fans should like Black Majesty, but I like to stay old fashioned and prefer the originals to the clones.

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