Black Majesty - Stargazer

10 songs
44:09 minutes
***** ***


Australian power metal band Black Majesty doesn’t need a lengthy introduction, as they have been steadily building a reputation throughout the nearly ten years of band history. Even though none of their albums received such an amount of positive feedback as their debut Sands Of Time, the four musicians from Melbourne never gave up and are now back with their fifth CD Stargazer on which they consequently continue on their path.

Centre stage is still taken over by the strong voice of vocalist Jon Cavaliere and the mostly fast paced songwriting. A slight progressive touch is also constantly present, allowing comparisons to Queensr˙che and Virgin Steele. The keyboards also have a rather dominant role. This is no factor of disturbance, as they always have to compete against the prominent double bass drum attacks, making for an overall powerful feeling. Partly this works really well, like on the short but bombastic Voice Of Change which is a downright regular hymn. Heading into a similar direction is the following Killing Hand which convinces with its right instrumentation. Journey To The Soul is another argument to show that Black Majesty know how catchy power metal has to sound. Actually the first nine songs can all be labelled from good up to great, only the concluding semi-ballad Shine somehow tarnishes the excellent impression of the album.

Black Majesty have stayed true to their roots, but still I dare say that Stargazer is their most mature record to date. One reason might be the relative brevity of the songs. The band focused their energies on continually maintaining a brisk pace, and the result proves them right. Power metal can be a really suspenseful genre if the performers don’t get caught up in irrelevancies. Genre fans should be delighted with the freshness of Stargazer.

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