BLACK MAJESTY - Tomorrowland

Black Majesty - Tomorrowland

10 songs
49:43 minutes


Every two years, I hope that Australian melodic power metal band Black Majesty will finally take a turn for the better, but their third album Tomorrowland doesn’t improve their situation. Deeply rooted in mid-Eighties heavy metal, the metalheads from down under sport of course a contemporary production, but the songwriting feels like drawn from a template. You have every possible trademark: fast rhythms, double bass attacks, whining guitar solos and worst of all a vocalist who seems to feel at ease only at registers where my ears seriously start to ache. Add a cover version of Deep Purple’s Soldier Of Fortune, which comes from an era that is mostly frowned at by critics anyway, and you get a fifty minute long album that seriously lacks any variation. Their own songs seem to have similar structures, with the longest track only forty-five seconds longer than the shortest one.

Black Majesty are good at their instruments, the album’s production is excellent, but their songwriting is so predictable that you wish someone would shake them awake from their stupor. I get the impression that this still young band is already on a steady downward slope. Either they quit, or something really serious happens in way of improvement, otherwise we have to invent a new rating system if they go on like that.

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