BLACK RAINBOWS - Carmina Diabolo

Black Rainbows - Carmina Diabolo

10 songs
44:54 minutes
***** **
Longfellow Deeds


The old proverb not to judge a book, or in this case: a record, by its cover doesn’t really apply for Black Rainbows whose second CD Carmina Diabolo whose cover depicts a goat skull in front of a rusty red background. Anyone with a little experience in rock music can immediately guess that the three-piece from Italy’s capital Rome is playing some kind of stoner rock.

I have mentioned already in the past that this genre has passed its zenith for at least a couple of years, but that doesn’t mean that every new genre release must be necessarily trite. What speaks for Black Rainbows is their utterly basic approach, limiting themselves to guitar, bass and drums, reproducing authentically the gritty sound that had also been adopted by the harsher bands of the movement like Fu Manchu and Nebula. The Romans spice things up by adding occasional psychedelic outbursts, most noticeably on the nearly eight minute long Space Kingdom which ends the album.

So far I haven’t managed to pick any standout tracks, but that’s not really a problem because the songs are all sharing an equally high standard. Black Rainbows borrow from stoner rock, hard rock, desert blues and fizzy psychedelia, to create a homogenous sound that they deliver with such natural ease that you might think they never did anything else in their lives. Carmina Diabolo, far from being a stylistic milestone, is still a thoroughly competent demonstration of hard hitting stoner rock and proves that this genre can still surprise with entertaining bands from time to time. Artwork and lyrics fit the music, turning this forty-five minute long sophomore effort into a delectable feast for everyone who wants their rock’n’roll down and dirty.

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